If you're interested in any of the below services, feel free to reach out with any questions.

custom keyboards

I build keyboards for fun, for friends, and sometimes for profit. I offer several services, ranging from small repairs to full assembly and tuning.

For fully-assembled keyboards, I can usually source small components if needed, but I would otherwise need the case, PCB, stabilizers, switches, and keycaps provided to me, as these would be much more difficult to source due to groupbuy timings and cost.

If you're interested in seeing some of my past work, check out my gallery of builds (coming soon).

pc building

I build computers for function, purpose, and friends. I can assist in choosing parts to meet specific goals, diagnosing part compatibility, and assembling the system.

If you're curious as to what's powering my workflow, check out my PC Part Picker build and blog posts on my home server setup.


I enjoy helping others out, especially when it comes to uncovering another's unknown unknowns. I have extensive tutoring experience, from high school throughout university, and even helped design and teach a college-level course.

If you're interested in guidance on school or assignments, or would like a workshop hosted for your organization, check and see if I'd be able to help out.